Local People Supporting Local People

The coming together of local specialist services, trainers, independent professionals, quality of life ambassadors, housing associations, charities and local voluntary groups as your choice to be supported at home. The At Home Alliance is a free to use directory of services with an easy search process for services in your area.

Integrated to Care Quality Commission standards by the HomeCareDirect internet based framework, which employs and trains local people selected by our members to support them at home.

This is local people supporting local people

HomeCareDirect has been helping people and families nationwide to direct their own support via personal budgets, direct payments and personal health budgets for over 10 years. Our service is also registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

HomeCareDirect offer a third party service and employ your chosen personal assistants on your behalf. You’ll still have all the same choice and control over who you want your personal assistants to be but you won’t have to take on the responsibility (and sometimes the hassles!) of being an employer. We’ll ensure your personal assistants are employed in a legal manner, taking on the payroll on your behalf, including all employers national insurance, holiday and bank holiday pay, maternity/paternity and sickness pay.

As a third party provider of services we do not have pools or banks of staff or personal assistants (PAs) that we would be able to offer to work with someone who requires our services. Instead we employ either someone already known to you as ‘staff’ or recruit new staff to provide the care and support required. This recruitment process can take a little while but in our experience finding the right people to work with you, is key to the success of a package of support.