Our aim is to provide bespoke, evidence based training to nursing staff, care staff, the client and allied professionals in the NHS, residential settings, home care, the community, supported living and other services.
We are currently practising nurses with teaching qualifications and have many years experience of working in the community.
Apart from training we can support the development of competency programmes and policy development and other services.
Our courses are delivered to small groups of staff (maximum 15). This will ensure that each participant will have the opportunity to interact with other group members as well as the trainer. We bring an element of reality to the training, combining theory with practice. We understand how it can sometimes be challenging to work in the care environment.
Our aim is to provide support and guidance to course participants in a relaxed friendly environment.
Improving your staff’s ability and confidence will result in enhanced delivery of quality care to you and, or your clients.
All of our trainers are specialists in their field and as an organisation we carefully select our colleagues to ensure that the training is bespoke to your needs.
Previous training has been delivered to the client themselves and with their carers in a community environment.
Please call us for further information.

You may either contact

the professional direct yourself or you can request HomeCareDirect, if you are an existing client to contact the professional on your behalf.

Local people supporting local people

We are Integrated to Care Quality Commission standards by the HomeCareDirect internet based framework which employs and trains local people selected by our members to support them at home.

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Benefits of registering as a professional

The At Home Alliance is a directory that will provide local community health & wellbeing choices for people who benefit from a personal health budget and choose the right to be supported at home.

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