Consultancy services including Learning and development opportunities delivered via face to face training, blended learning and distance learning. Access to funding and accreditation available. Specific training and development within the health and social care.
Delivery of compliance training, and a focus on governance.
Also offer services as a consultant –  to facilitate independent mock inspections and audits within care services to evidence compliance. Bespoke services which also offer a full suite of documentation in line with CQC and regulatory body’s including policies and procedures, recording documentation and processes required which supports compliance, delivery and evidencing work in line with standards and expectations
I work alongside teams to offer specific tailored training including detailed content designed around individuals needs and services.
Inclusion of service users and family’s in the design of the training and evidencing compliance in line with commissioning body’s.
Offer courses designed against needs and mapped into frameworks, accredited qualifications L1,L2, L3,L5 and up to L7
Access to a number of Awarding Body’s and also funding to support learning.
Develop CPD opportunities around the professional and also specific services.
Link with clinical trainers and specialist areas.

You may either contact

the professional direct yourself or you can request HomeCareDirect, if you are an existing client to contact the professional on your behalf.

Local people supporting local people

We are Integrated to Care Quality Commission standards by the HomeCareDirect internet based framework which employs and trains local people selected by our members to support them at home.

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Benefits of registering as a professional

The At Home Alliance is a directory that will provide local community health & wellbeing choices for people who benefit from a personal health budget and choose the right to be supported at home.

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