Our Managed Account service delivers full third party support where the recipient is unable to operate Direct Payments and there is no suitable person available to them.

Our Payroll Service ensures that clients are properly registered as employers for HMRC purposes as well as processing wages in line with statutory requirements. The Payroll Service now comprises an Auto Enrolment component to enable clients to comply with their new legal duties towards workplace pensions.

Our Personal Health Budget Service works with the client, their family and their healthcare team to enable them
to select treatments and services that meet their needs in ways most appropriate for them.
They don’t have to change any healthcare or support that is working well for them just because they get a personal health budget, but if something isn’t working, they can change it.
The client will be assisted through every step of the process by a skilled and
experienced advisor who will:
• help them find out if they are eligible and assist them to apply
• find out what their indicative budget will be and help them
understand how a personal health budget would work for them
and those around them
• help them think about their life and identify their health and
wellbeing outcomes
• co-create a care and support plan setting out their goals and
how they will spend their budget to achieve them
• advise them on the best way of receiving their personal health
budget (e.g. notional, third party or direct payment)
• help them get their final budget agreed and their care and
support plan signed off to ensure it is legal, safe, effective and

You may either contact

the professional direct yourself or you can request HomeCareDirect, if you are an existing client to contact the professional on your behalf.

Local people supporting local people

We are Integrated to Care Quality Commission standards by the HomeCareDirect internet based framework which employs and trains local people selected by our members to support them at home.

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Benefits of registering as a professional

The At Home Alliance is a directory that will provide local community health & wellbeing choices for people who benefit from a personal health budget and choose the right to be supported at home.

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